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What is DHIA West?


DHIA West is a federation of large herd local DHI associations located predominantly in California but also including parts of Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. DHIA West addresses the large herd perspective and management needs in matters related to milk recording nationally.

DHIA West has always been among the DHI innovators, DHIA West has piloted such projects as the Verified Records Program, the lab sample comparison project, the electronic milk metering monitoring report and most recently the production string sampling method. This backed by a strong program of monitoring Quality Certification parameters and effective communications. For the last 16 years DHIA West has led in the use of HandHeld Computers for test-day data collection. 

DHIA West provides highly qualified, friendly service to member organizations for a modest monthly fee based on the number of cows and herds tested each month.